Planning your Day

Last-minute housekeeping before the big weekend!

  1. RedFest gates open at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Public Parking is available off Long Street Cleveland at $5 a day.  The parking is run by a community organization and all proceeds are going to this organization
  3. All bags must be presented for searching upon entering the venue.
  4. Footwear must be worn at all times.
  5. All patrons will be issued a coloured wristband upon entry. Anyone found without an official wristband will be rejected from the venue and must purchase a new ticket to be re-admitted.
  6. No commercially purchased food or drink can be brought into the venue.
  7. Watering stations will be available for you to fill up drink bottles.
  8. Free sunscreen will be available at the RedFest Information Booth.
  9. Lost and found will be at the RedFest Information Booth which is situated near the front entrance.
  10. All lost children will be taken to the RedFest Information Booth where they will be allowed to wait for their parents.
  11. Look out for friends and family and go to the First Aid area for help of any kind.
  12. ID will be required to purchase alcohol. BYO alcohol is not permitted.
  13. No dogs, cats, or other pets/animals allowed (unless assistance animals and paperwork can be sighted).

Festival Map

TransDev Shuttle Bus Times

Departs Cleveland Station (5 min journey one-way)

2. 30 pm

3. 30 pm

4. 30 pm

5. 30 pm

6. 30 pm

7. 30 pm

8. 30 pm

9. 30 pm

Departs Cleveland Showground (5 min journey one-way)

5. 55 pm

4. 55 pm

3. 55 pm

2. 55 pm

6. 55 pm

7. 55 pm

8. 55 pm

9. 55 pm

Download your festival booklet that includes all entertainment programs, bus shuttle times and festival map.

Download my RedFest Booklet