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RedFest 2017 In Pictures - Friday

15 September 2017 | Updated: 6:23pm, 15 September 2017

Couldn't make RedFest 2017 or just want to relive it until 2018? Join us for some photographic highlights of Friday's Festival open night.

RedFest 2017 was one of our most highly attended years and we were to be attended by some amazing local photographers. Please enjoy a selection of highlights courtesy of Donna Marie, Matt Beale, Damien Buckley, and Daryl Haines.

RedFest 2017 jigged into Friday night with an Irish flavour, Guinness at the bar, Irish dancers propelled by Mark Cryle & Carmel Newman, Murphy's Pigs and Sasta!

Murphy's Pigs

Murphys' Pigs captured by Matt Beale, Matt Beale Photography

Strawberry Plaza

The new Strawberry Plaza venue and bar was bustling from open. Damien Buckley, Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing


The Tradeware Slab Bar in sporting Irish green. Damien Buckley, Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing

Big wheel

Donna Marie captured this beuatiful image of RedFest's iconic big wheel as the sun set. Donna Marie Photography


Fireworks blast into the sky for the first time on a Friday. Donna Marie Photography

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