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A message from Mayor Karen Williams

22 August 2018 | Updated: 2:32pm, 22 August 2018

As we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the RedFest Strawberry Festival, it is fitting to reflect on the role this much-loved local event has played in forging the identity of Redlands Coast.

As a young girl growing up in the Redlands I remember the excitement that would build as the festival drew near. The colour, entertainment and creativity was always truly infectious, generating a sense of community pride across the city. 

While after 60 years RedFest has now become one of the longest running festivals in Australia, that same sense of excitement and pride remains as strong as it did in the beginning.

The iconic event radiates the wonderful spirit of Redlands Coast; it is woven into our social fabric, it’s colour, vibrancy and soul setting us apart from others and helping to make our naturally wonderful place that bit more special. 

As Mayor I am proud that Redland City Council is once again a major supporter of this wonderful event, recognising not only the tourism and economic value it brings to Redlands Coast, but just as importantly the sense of community and cultural values it delivers.  

I congratulate the dedicated organisers who have again worked hard to put together such an entertaining program; from the lantern parade to those delicious strawberries, entertainment and show favourites; this is a family-friendly event in every sense. 

A focal point of this year’s program is sure to be the return of the  iconic Strawberry Street Parade.  A highlight of the original Strawberry Festivals – the revival of this nostalgic event will pass on the history of RedFest to our younger generations, helping to ensure it remains a quintessential part of the Redlands Coast.  

Happy anniversary!

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