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Quandamooka Festival Showcase Comes to RedFest

03 August 2017 | Updated: 12:22pm, 04 August 2017

Quandamooka Festival Showcase

The ultimate weekend - celebrating culture, country and people. Tickets on sale now.

RedFest is collaborating with a bigger and better showcase of the wonderful Quandamooka Festival for 2017. The Quandamooka Festival is an annual three month calendar of events from July to September that celebrates culture, country and the people of Quandamooka which is Brisbane’s Redlands and Southern Moreton Bay Islands region.

The Quandamooka people have retained their distinctive culture and their traditional practices have been upheld in contemporary form.

The Quandamooka Festival Showcase at RedFest will provide a unique opportunity to learn more about this stunning region from the Quandamooka peoples perspective, as well as participate in a whole range of activities such as basket weaving and art, Kunjiel (corroborees) and dance, storytelling and more.

What else is on at RedFest 2017?

  • Justice Crew
  • Troy Cassar-Daley
  • Over 50 other artists and entertainers
  • RedFest Berry Fun Club for Kids
  • Two Fireworks displays
  • The LightnUp Lantern Parade
  • Stawberry Eating Competition
  • Have a Go Circus
  • Animal Farm
  • Flyball Dogs
  • Laser Tag
  • Side Show Alley
  • Southern Cross Camel Rides
  • Teas Me Devonshire Tea Shop

& much more!

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