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RedFest 2017 In Pictures - Saturday

15 September 2017 | Updated: 6:32pm, 15 September 2017

Couldn't make RedFest 2017 or just want to relive it until 2018? Join us for some photographic highlights of Saturday.

RedFest 2017 was one of our most highly attended years and we were to be attended by some amazing local photographers. Please enjoy a selection of highlights courtesy of Donna Marie, Matt Beale, Damien Buckley, and Daryl Haines.

Saturday featured a massive lineup of performers culminating in our famous lantern parade, huge fireworks display and hedline act Jutice Crew.

Sideshow Alley

Daryl Haines captured this view of the bustling crowds on Saturday

Strawberry eating contest

Strawberry eating competitions off to a rapid start. Matt Beale, Matt Beale Photography

Tea and scones

Mister Chuck and Missy Chrissy relaxing between sets at Tea's Me. Donna Marie, Donna Marie Photography

Kids on bouncy castle

Kids were full of bounce in Sideshow Alley. Donna Marie, Donna Marie Photography

SES display

SES recruiters starting early.  Damien Buckley, Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing

Round Mountain Girls

Round Mountain Girls absolutely shredding the main stage on Saturday afternoon. Damien Buckley, Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing


Time to stroll and enjoy RedFest's beautifully lit market quarter as the sun departed for the day. Donna Marie, Donna Marie Photography

Casey Barnes

Casey Barnes and apprentice. Donna Marie, Donna Marie Photography


Sideshow Alley providing all the thrills and spills. Matt Beale, Matt Beale Photography

Lantern Parade

Lantern Parade

Lantern Parade on the march. Matt Beale, Matt Beale Photography


Saturday's fireworks light up the night sky. Matt Beale, Matt Beale Photography

Rav Thomas

Rav Thomas getting the crowd warmed up on Saturday evening. Daryl Haines

Justice Crew

Headliners Justice Crew hit the stage as the crowd's screaming hits 106 Decibels at the mixing desk. Damien Buckley, Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing

Justice Crew

Insane acrobatics caught on camera by Matt Beale, Matt Beale Photography

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