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Donnelle Brooks

Donnelle Brooks

Donnelle Brooks, known as the frontwoman of raunchy Blues/Rock band Don and The Mobsters, but also a songwriter of renown, is constantly balancing on a knife’s edge between sassy rock chick and heartfelt folk singer.

Since releasing her first self titled EP in 2012, Donnelle has since toured the East Coast of Australia and played gigs in some of Brisbane’s most iconic music venues including The Tivoli, Rics Bar and Black Bear Lodge. Her second EP “Poppies”, is a decadent combination of sultry crooning, catchy melodies, lush harmonies and textured layers of acoustic guitar. Since its release in December it has received radio play around Australia. The title track is an upbeat catchy pop -inspired tune written when Donnelle’s brother served overseas with the Australian army in Afghanistan.

“Combining lush folk harmonies, bluesy crooning and plenty of vocal light and shade, Poppies (the single) reflects on the loved ones left behind when soldiers are at war” Music is my Muse, 2016

This year Donnelle is working on her first full length studio album, with the intention of combining her two musical identities to create heavier, more rock inspired sound, whilst keeping in touch with her folk roots.

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Donnelle Brooks