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Lantern Parade

The Lantern Parade will bring a smile to your face and a glow to your cheeks as it illuminates the showgrounds this year.

We aren’t talking about your standard kerosene lantern – we’re talking giant 3D characters and animals! The crew from LightnUp has prepared a vibrant show for you this year, with everything from clowns and circus dogs to gold fish and mermaids featuring in the parade. Make sure you stick around until 6:15pm for this gleaming event.

It’s not just the big lanterns that will steal the show – kids have the opportunity to decorate their own special lantern and be part of the parade. Come along to LightnUp’s Lantern Decorating Workshop on Saturday afternoon so you can add your artwork to the sky.

The Lantern Parade assembles outside the Berry Fun Club at 6pm.

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