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Masters of Pop

Masters of Pop

The 1970's were heady days in Australian music. Pop music was king. Screaming crowds, catchy songs and Molly Meldrum were the order of the day. “Countdown” and “Sounds” the religion of every teen's Saturday & Sunday, with TV Week - the teen gospel. John Paul Young and Daryl Braithwaite slugging it out for the annual King-of-Pop awards while Marcia cruised to a late 70's Queen-of-Pop hat trick.

The Masters of Pop are the people from those heady days. The real players from the real bands that made the hits. The people who wrote and played the songs you hear every day on the radio, all over the world. The people who fronted screaming teens on TV and stage. Some of the finest and most iconic players from Aussie music – these guys have banded together as a group to keep the fun of the 70's alive.

Tony Mitchell (Sherbet), Rex Goh (Air Supply), James Blundell, China (John Paul Young), Greg Henson (Jon English), Steve Mulry (TMG) – all singing each others songs. James Blundell will of course be singing his hits like "Way Out West" - but have you heard him knock out a John Paul Young tune or a Sherbet number? Every person here is a singer - and represent the original bands that between them have dozens of top ten hits on the Aussie Charts.

All these players on the one stage, playing together. The Masters of Pop.