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The RedFest 'My Program' feature allows you to create your own personalised list of events that you would like to attend during your visit to the festival.

Getting Started

Wherever you see Add to My Program or the heart icon i.e. The Animals simply click to add the artist or attraction to your program.

To remove items from your program simply click Remove from My Program or the heart icon in the heading again.

Viewing and Managing Your Program

To view and manage your program simply click the My Program link at the top or bottom of the page. From here you can remove items, clear the entire program and start again by clicking the 'Clear My Program' link and give your program a unique name.

Sharing Your Program

To share your Program with your friends or to another device simply click the relevant email or social media sharing icon. By following the link provided your friends will be able to view & copy your list or you can view and add your list to another device.

OK, Lets Do This!

Name Your Program

Manage Program

Your Program is Empty

Sign up to access from other devices

If you would like to access your program on other devices, sign up* with RedFest - its free, easy and we promise we wont share your details with anyone.

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If you would prefer not to register, you are still welcome to use ♥ My Program. See Sharing Your Program »

* Performers, Vendors or Volunteers who have already registered do not need to sign up again. Please sign in with your existing account.