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Redland City Bands (est. 1984) is a musical community group based in Edgar Harley Hall. Their mission is for different musicians from all walks of life and levels of experience to come together to create great musical experiences for the community and have a fantastic time. The organisation comprises six ensembles with a variety of musicians of all ages and abilities.

They have three Concert Bands starting with Beginner Concert Band, which is suited for those who have just commenced learning an instrument (or their second) or are coming back to playing after a long break. Beginner Concert Band rehearsals are held every Tuesday at 6.30pm. Wind Ensemble is the next concert band level up and encourages players to develop more techniques, whilst still having fun. They rehearse every Thursday at 7pm. Concert Band is our Premier Band, who play a wide range of music that is a bit more challenging and participate in concerts around Queensland. Concert Band rehearsals are Wednesday at 7pm.

Redland City Bands’ other three ensembles contain different instrumentation and play a variety of jazz styles. Big Band has helped bring Dance Nights back to Cleveland and participates in Jazz Festivals around South East Queensland. They play a range of styles including Foxtrots, Latin American Cha Chas, classic Quicksteps, and a mixture of Waltzes. Big Band rehearses every Monday at 7pm. The Jazz Improv Group is for those who are wanting to learn how to improvise and play in a jazz ensemble. They rehearse Tuesday from 8pm. Redland City Bands’ new group, The Smith Street Stompers, have smaller instrumentation and play tunes in a Dixieland style. They also rehearse Mondays.

If you would like to come and experience what Redland City Bands has to offer, please send them an email: or visit their website:

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