Food Site Vendors Terms & Conditions

1. CLOSING DATE & PAYMENT The closing date for applications including payment and all supporting documents is 30 April 2019. Late or incomplete applications may not be considered after this date.

Payment for sites may be made by cheque or direct funds transfer (EFT). See application form for options.

2. TRADING HOURS Stallholders are required to have their stall open and manned for the entire operating hours of the RedFest event:

Friday 6 September - 5pm to 9pm

Saturday 7 September - 9am to 9pm

Sunday 8 September - 9am to 4pm

3. STALL SITE When deciding what size stall you require, include your entire stall including all ropes, awnings, vehicles, cold rooms, etc. If you arrive and require additional space it is unlikely you will be accommodated. Additional fees will apply. Vendors shall not extend their goods beyond the boundaries of their nominated site. It is not acceptable for stallholders to encroach onto walkways or restrict access to other stalls. You MUST nominate a camping size (if applicable) at the time of applying.

4. STALL PRESENTATION It is most important to create a colourful and festive atmosphere for RedFest. It is recommended that you decorate your stall in a manner that reflects your goods or organisation. You will attract more people if your stall is bright, interesting and interactive. It is the responsibility of each site holder to maintain their site in a clean and tidy manner. All efforts should be made to recycle where possible. Removal of rubbish from your site is YOUR responsibility.

5. RUBBISH AND RECYCLING General waste bins, recycling bins and cardboard bins will be provided. Please minimise waste and use recyclable products for serving where possible. The Vendor Coordinator will inspect all sites during bump out. Sites not left in a clean and tidy manner, with attention given to correct use of recycle bins, will not be invited to attend RedFest again. Overfilling the nearest bins or placing food scraps into recycle bins is NOT appropriate.

6. BUMP IN/BUMP OUT Bump in can commence on Thursday 5 September from 9am – 5pm and on Friday 6 September from 7am – 3pm. Your acceptance package will include a map showing your site location and entry gate. Bump out can commence after 5pm on Sunday 8 September and must be completed by 4pm Monday 9 September. Please be mindful of neighbouring residents and keep noise to a minimum during bump in/out.

7. VEHICLE If you require your vehicle to remain onsite during the event, it must be nominated as part of your space when completing your application form. Vehicles not allocated to a site may be parked in the vendor’s car park (as indicated on the map) and MUST be removed from the grounds by 3:30pm on Friday 6 September.

All vehicles will remain offsite until 5pm on Sunday 8 September or as directed by event staff. The exception is for restocking. You may enter the grounds between 7am and 8am only on these days but MUST remove your car by 8am.

When entering or exiting the grounds DRIVE CAREFULLY observing the 10klm/hr speed limit. Please turn your hazard lights on while driving on the grounds.

8. SUBLETTING Vendors are not entitled to assign, share or sublet all or part of their site without prior written consent from the Vendor Coordinator.

9. CANCELLATION Written notice of cancellation must be given to the Vendor Coordinator four weeks prior to the RedFest event – 9 August 2018. If you cancel after this date, RedFest will retain 50% of your total site fee. Your acceptance to future events may also be affected.

10. PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE Public liability insurance is compulsory for all vendors. A copy of your Certificate of your Current Public Liability Policy with a minimum of $10,000,000 cover must be forwarded with your application.

11. WORKERS' COMPENSATION If you are employing people to work on your stall, you must have a current WorkCover policy for your staff, a copy of which must be provided. If the stall is run by volunteers, you must provide either a WorkCover volunteer policy or equivalent volunteer insurance policy (WorkCover Queensland ph: 1300 362 128) A copy of this policy must be forwarded to the Vendor Coordinator.

12. HELIUM BALLOONS Helium balloons are not permitted at this event due to our proximity to Moreton Bay and the threat balloons pose to water life.

13. OFFENSIVE GOODS The organisers of RedFest reserve the right to enter any vendor site and remove articles, signs, pictures or printed matter which are not eligible for display, or are considered offensive.

14. USE OF AMPLIFIERS OR LOUD SPEAKERS Use of amplifiers or loud speakers (or any other audio device) by vendors is prohibited except with prior written consent from the Vendor Coordinator. Vendors are not permitted to employ, contract or program any performer or performance without prior permission from RedFest management.

15. PETS & LIVESTOCK No pets or livestock will be permitted on or near the RedFest food area.

16. TEMPORARY FOOD BUSINESS PERMITS All food stalls are to be fully operative and connected to all services before trading. All food stalls must comply with the requirements of the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards. Food vendors may be required to obtain a Temporary Food Business Licence or must provide a copy of their current Mobile Food Business Licence (must hold a licence in Queensland) under the Food Act 2006. This licence must be on display at all times. For more information, or to apply for a Temporary Food Business Licence, contact Redland City Council’s Environmental Health Team on 3829 8569). This is the vendor’s responsibility.

17. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH REQUIREMENTS All food stalls must comply with the requirements of the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards.

Council staff will be monitoring food stalls during RedFest. Premises found with inadequate facilities will be required to cease operation until any identified issues are rectified.

General Requirements

It is recommended that suitable fire extinguishers be provided where cooking appliances are in use.

Suitable number of approved refuse containers must be provided for both the public and the temporary food business operator.

Food Safety

All food must be stored in conditions that protect it from deterioration and contamination. Suitable equipment must be provided to store cold food at less than 5C and hot food at more than 60C.

Pre-cooked food must be prepared and packaged in licensed premises and labeled according to the Food Act 2006.

Food products containing meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products or similar potentially hazardous food must be kept refrigerated at 5C or less.

Cooked foods should be stored for no longer than 4 hours.
Food must not be stored or displayed outside the Temporary Food Business or other area accessible to the public.

Cooking equipment e.g. grillers, hot plates, open flame barbeques must be protected from dust, flies and other contaminants.

All perishable food must be shielded from direct sunlight.

There is a legal requirement for food vendors to provide a food approved thermometer which is accurate to +/-1C. This will enable food vendors to monitor food deliveries, production, display and storage temperatures.

Use tongs or suitable implements for the serving or cooking of foods.

Only disposable, pre-wrapped, single-use eating utensils are to be provided. Straws are to be protected from contamination in a single use dispenser.

All condiments such as sauces, mustards etc. must be contained in individual single use packs or pump style dispensers.

Food must not be accessible to the public. A physical barrier must be provided by means of glass, Perspex sneeze guards or clear plastic siding.

All food must be stored off the ground and in closed containers with close fitting lids. The public is to be excluded from all cooking and food storage areas.
All animals are to be excluded from Temporary Food Business areas.


Personal Hygiene

All persons engaged in the preparation or sale of food shall: Wear clean and appropriate clothing.

Ensure they keep themselves and their work area clean. Utensils and gloves used to handle food.
No cuts, illness, sores on food handlers.
Money and food handled separately.

Keep long hair tied back.

Ensure hands are clean before commencing or resuming work, after visiting the toilet, smoking, or after handling a refuse container, handkerchief or nasal tissue.

No smoking in any food stall, van or other place where food is to be prepared and/or sold, or within 4 metres of the food stall/site. Designated smoking areas will be provided throughout the grounds.


Structural Requirements Temporary Food Businesses must have a roof and three (3) sides covered or constructed of vinyl, plastic or other approved impervious material and a suitable approved floor material must be provided as a ground barrier. No raw timber is permitted in food preparation areas i.e. benches, cutting boards, wooden spoons.


Free from cracks or other defects. Weatherproof.
Cover the entire food prep area and scullery.


Smooth, impervious, non absorbent, non toxic. Easily washable.
Non flammable near cooking equipment.


Non slip, impervious nonabsorbent.
Free from cracks, crevices or other defects. Easily swept and washed.

Hand Wash Basin

Provide a 20 litre container with tap, labeled “Hand Washing Only”
Must have a labeled “Waste Water Only” container under the tap to catch waste water.
Separate hand washing and utensils washing facilities must be provided within the Temporary Food Business. Disposable hand towels and soap must be provided.

All waste water must be stored and removed in an approved manner (e.g. a minimum 90 litre container for stored potable water and a second 90 litre container for waste water collection). Access to mains water hoses is VERY LIMITED and not guaranteed.

The disposal of waste water must be to an approved sewerage connection point or into a septic tank.


Adequate to provide a safe work environment.

Prep Surfaces

All equipment must be maintained in a clean condition free of all contaminants.
All work benches, tables, trestles and the like must be of sturdy construction. Constructed of or covered by smooth, impervious, nonabsorbent, nontoxic material. Used solely for food preparation.

Free from cracks, crevices or other defects. Easily washed with an appropriate cleaner.

Hot & Cold Food Storage Unit

Adequate for requirements with a light inside cold room. Thermometer or temperature gauges provided.
Able to maintain food at appropriate temperatures.

Personal Effects/Chemical Storage

Stored away from food preparation areas

19. GAS BOTTLE SAFETY All gas bottles onsite must be connected to an appliance even when not in use or stored away from any food stalls. An LPG Safety checklist must be completed and submitted with your application.

20. FIRE EXTINGUISHER It is recommended that each stall has a fire extinguisher. Each extinguisher must have a current test tag fitted. Contact the Queensland Fire Service for information.

21. ELECTRICITY REQUIREMENTS Temporary electrical installation and distribution onsite will be carried out by the RedFest nominated electrician. Your site includes one x 240v 10AMP connection to power. Additional power such as 15AMP is available but you need to nominate any extra electrical requirements on your application.

It is important that you list all your electrical equipment on the Electrical Equipment Declaration (EED) at the time of your application. Only tagged and tested appliances that have been nominated on the EED can be connected.

Site holders are required to provide their own 10 or 15AMP power lead for connection to onsite power (minimum 20m, maximum 30m). Electrical leads that are not tagged will be confiscated and returned at the end of the event.

Be careful not to underestimate your power requirements as this can lead to faults and power failures. No double adaptors are to be used (tagged and tested power boards are acceptable).

The vendor will be required to provide their own lighting.

Electricians will make random electricity consumption checks. Failure to advise of your requirements may result in insufficient power to your site and affect your ability to operate.

22. VENDOR FAMILIARITY WITH EVENT MANAGEMENT PLAN The Vendor must familiarise themselves with all aspects of the RedFest 2018 Event Management Plan and associated documents (to be provided to the vendor closer to the event) and agrees to comply with such plan and associated documents.

23. VENDOR MARQUEES The Vendor shall provide photographs of their marquee to the Vendor Coordinator if possible. The Marquee is required to be of a professional standard that will tolerate all weather conditions. It should be able to withstand strong winds.

The Vendor will be financially liable for any damage caused to their own structure or property or by their structure to patrons, other vendors, staff, RedFest or Council infrastructure due to inclement weather, incorrect installation or being insufficiently anchored. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure their marquee is anchored securely for all weather conditions. Vendors must have their marquee securely pegged and weighted. RedFest management reserves the right to remove a marquee that they deem not securely anchored.

It is the responsibility of the vendor to secure all goods and chattels before, during and after trading hours. Marquees must remain on their allocated site for the duration of the event.

24. WRISTBANDS The Vendor will be allocated a number of wristbands depending on the size of their site. Additional wristbands are available for purchase at a discounted rate at the time of applying (maximum of 5 tickets per application). ALL STAFF MUST WEAR A WRISTBAND from 5pm on Friday 6 September and do so throughout the festival. Lost wristbands will not be replaced - you will be required to purchase new wristbands at the gate price. Tickets are not refundable.

RedFest Management reserves the right to refuse any vendor that does not comply with the above requirement. 

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