Volunteer at RedFest

People from all walks of life are invited to apply to become a volunteer before, during and after the Festival.

Volunteer Committee positions are also available and new applicants are always welcomed.

Those who join the RedFest team will enjoy the spectacular bands and festival atmosphere for free as well as making a valuable contribution to the success of Redland City’s largest annual community event.

Volunteers are required for all sorts of positions to help RedFest run smoothly.  Please go to the online application form and indicate your choices.

Positions in some areas are limited, so get in early to lodge your expression of interest in your area of expertise.

* Shifts range from a minimum of 2 – 8 hours.

** Volunteers are required to be a minimum age of 13 at time of RedFest

Volunteer Terms & Conditions

Volunteer Terms & Conditions


You must be 13 years or over to be considered for a Volunteer position. You must be 18 years or over and hold a current Driver’s Licence to drive Festival service vehicles.

Email Access

It is preferable that you have access to a current and usable email address as all applications and most correspondence will occur via email.


You must comply with all safety requirements associated with your Volunteer position. These are detailed in the Job Description relevant to your volunteer position. All positions require enclosed shoes. Outdoor work requires a hat. For work involving long hours in the sun, shirts with long sleeves and collar will be needed.


You must complete all shift requirements as stipulated by the Volunteer Job Description. If you are unable to do a shift due to illness, injury or family emergency, you must contact the Volunteer Coordinator immediately.


No smoking is permitted while on duty during your shifts, including travelling in Festival service vehicles; however, RedFest does have designated smoking areas where you can smoke during your breaks.


Confidentiality – All information and processes associated with the volunteer position are to be considered as confidential.

Ticket Entry

Your volunteer wristband or ticket allows only one person to enter the festival. It does not entitle members of your family or associates to enter on your wristband or ticket. Tickets need to be purchased through normal channels for all members of your group who are not volunteers. Please check the RedFest website for ticket information and availability.


Bring a positive attitude, acting with courtesy and in an orderly manner at all times.

Volunteer Procedures

Volunteer Procedures

Sign On Procedure

  • All volunteers are to enter through the Volunteer Gate which is situated on Long Street, a few metres away from the Main Gate.
  • Upon arrival, all volunteers must sign on at the Volunteer Centre to receive their volunteer wristband.
  • The sign on person will confirm your position, location and supervisor and if any equipment is required for your role.
  • You are welcome to enjoy the Festival before your rostered shifts if they fall in the afternoon or evening.

Sign Off Procedure

  • All volunteers must sign off at the Volunteer Centre on completion of their shift.
  • Please ensure you return all equipment issued to you to the Volunteer Centre.
  • Once you have signed off, you are welcome to enjoy the remainder of the festival.

Storing Your Belongings

You are welcome to leave your belongings at the Volunteer Centre; however, RedFest does not take responsibility for any items that may be damaged, lost or stolen. It is recommended that you leave any valuable items at home.


  • Tea, coffee and water as well as fruit and some biscuits are available at the Volunteer Centre.
  • Please bring your own water bottle with you which you can refill at the Volunteer Centre.

What to wear

Please refer to ‘Safety’ under Volunteer Terms and Conditions.  Other than that, please wear something that is neat and comfortable.

Workplace, Health & Safety

Workplace, Health & Safety

Your Responsibility

If you come across anything that could likely harm or cause injury to you, your fellow volunteers and/or festival-goers, you must report this immediately to your supervisor so action can be taken to prevent injury.

Incident Reporting

If you are involved in any incidents or witness an incident, you MUST complete a RedFest Incident Report Form. These are available in the Volunteer Centre or from your Team Leader and/or Supervisor.

Incident Reports are very important. When you complete an incident report form, please provide as much information as possible so a clear picture of what occurred can be established.

An Incident Report Must Be Completed When:

  • Someone is injured at the festival
  • Someone falls ill and is taken to hospital
  • Someone is refused entry or evicted from the festival
  • Someone is refused service at the bar due to intoxication
  • There is an altercation between patrons or patrons and security
  • There is a major WHS hazard that has occurred
  • Damage is caused to festival infrastructure

If you are unsure if an incident report is required, check with your supervisor and they will be able to assist you.

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