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I acknowledge that I have been accepted to provide voluntary service to the Redland Spring Festival and that this service is provided without remuneration of any kind. 

I acknowledge that while engaged in this voluntary service I will at all times act with courtesy and integrity in all my dealings.

I acknowledge that I will take direction from those team leaders assigned to work with me and that I shall not offer or provide advice or in any other way involve myself in the activities of the festival which is not directly associated with my assigned voluntary duties. 

I acknowledge that I will treat as strictly confidential any information I may become aware of in relation to the activities of the festival and that this shall apply during and after the period of voluntary service with the festival.

I acknowledge that my voluntary services can be terminated either by myself or by the festival without notice and without the need for any reason being offered by myself and/or the festival or it’s Officers or Servants and I openly acknowledge and agree to this condition.

I acknowledge that the festival shall at all times maintain a current Policy of Liability Insurance which shall extend to provide protection for those engaged in the voluntary service of the festival and I acknowledge that I am bound by the Terms and Conditions of these Policies and hereby agree and declare that I forever release and discharge the festival for any responsibility in respect to personal injury (which expression includes illness) and/or damage to property and /or liability which is not insured under the Terms and Conditions of the festivals' insurance policies.

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