Workplace, Health & Safety

Your Responsibility

If you come across anything that could likely harm or cause injury to you, your fellow volunteers and/or festival-goers, you must report this immediately to your supervisor so action can be taken to prevent injury.

Incident Reporting

If you are involved in any incidents or witness an incident, you MUST complete a RedFest Incident Report Form. These are available in the Volunteer Centre or from your Team Leader and/or Supervisor.

Incident Reports are very important. When you complete an incident report form, please provide as much information as possible so a clear picture of what occurred can be established.

An Incident Report Must Be Completed When:

  • Someone is injured at the festival
  • Someone falls ill and is taken to hospital
  • Someone is refused entry or evicted from the festival
  • Someone is refused service at the bar due to intoxication
  • There is an altercation between patrons or patrons and security
  • There is a major WHS hazard that has occurred
  • Damage is caused to festival infrastructure

If you are unsure if an incident report is required, check with your supervisor and they will be able to assist you.

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